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What is a Bump Key?

Recently the existence of bump keys has emerged into the public consciousness, which has resulted in us locksmiths getting asked about such keys more often.

Essentially, a bump key is a key that’s designed to work in a specific type or make of lock. Unlike traditional keys that work in only one lock, a bump key can open any lock that fits its ‘type’. For instance, a bump key designed to open a pin tumbler lock will open any pin tumbler lock, providing the user knows how to correctly use it.

Using Bump Keys in Commercial Properties

Bump keys, which are similar to skeleton keys – a term people are more commonly aware of – can be useful for apartment superintendents of commercial property caretakers. They remove the need for a ‘bunch’ of keys hanging from a key ring or chain.

Security Concerns

One of the main concerns that have arisen from this increased awareness of bump keys is the potential it has for criminals to take advantage. Anybody in possession of a bump key or a set of bump keys – which are becoming common place in the locksmith’s arsenal – can in theory gain entry to a property.

Now, bump keys take some getting used to and some wet-behind-the-ears home intruder isn’t likely to be able to use such a key without some kind of training. However, some do learn how to use bump keys.

This has led to an increase in the number of people using modern locking methods and security devices. These start from the very simple additional deadbolt, security chain and combination lock and go all the way up to fingerprint analysis locks, hi-tech security alarms and solid, security doors.

One thing’s for sure, with criminals becoming increasingly clever, protecting your property with advanced new security methods is just about the best thing you can do.

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