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The Worst Places to Hide Your Spare Key

As locksmiths we get called out to far too many burglaries – we’re happy to repair or replace a lock, giving the owner more security. It’s just that too often, burglaries could have been prevented.

We’ve talked about how to protect your home from burglars before but today let’s take a look at some of the mistakes people make when it comes to hiding a spare key. Yes, we all get locked out sometimes and it’s good to be prepared, but let’s not make it too easy for the bad guys.

So, here’s where not to hide your spare key:

  1. Under the Doormat
    You may as well change the word ‘Welcome’ for the phrase ‘Keys Kept Here’
  2. In a Flowerpot
    How long do you think it would take a burglar to yank that shrub out and find your shiny key?
  3. Under a Rock
    Or worse, a fake rock. Professional criminals will spot that one a mile off.
  4. In an Unlocked Garage/Shed
    Firstly, why is your garage/shed unlocked? Secondly, that’s an obvious hiding place.
  5. In a Mailbox
    If you’ve got a curbside mailbox, don’t leave a key in it. That’s the first place any self-respecting lowlife will look. And don’t stick it in an envelope addressed to yourself.
  6. Taped to a Window Ledge
    Where will a burglar attempt to enter your house if the door is locked? That’s right, the window. What are the odds they’ll accidentally come across your key? Pretty high.
  7. Taped to a Gate
    Same as above. Burglars touch gates. Burglars find keys.
  8. In Your Glove Compartment
    It might seem like a great place to hide a spare key being that it’s away from your property, but how hard is it to trace which address a car belongs to? Not very. In short, your car gets broken into, your keys are stolen, your house is burgled. Explain that one to the insurance company!
  9. Hanging Inside a Door Letterbox
    This is an error made by way too many people. You tie the key to a piece of string, hang it inside the door, and that way, should you forget your key, you can reach in, grab the spare and open the door. You think burglars haven’t made the most of this one before?
  10. With a Neighbor You Don’t Know
    Moved into a nice new neighborhood? Neighbors bending over backwards to help you out? Cups of sugar flowing in? Make sure you keep your keys to yourself. At least until you’re certain they’re good folk. They probably are, but you never know.

Good Places To Keep Your Spare Key

Of course, there are plenty of great places of hiding your spare key. Friends and family members are your best option, but there are a few places about your property that might serve you well. Where are they? Now that would be telling, wouldn’t it? One tip: somewhere safe.

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