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The Pros and Cons of Having a Safe at Home

A subject that has been cropping up more often recently is the question of whether it’s a good thing to have a safe in the home.

Locksmithing may be about cutting keys and picking locks, but any self-respecting person in the trade will also offer good advice to their customers.

A subject that has been cropping up more often recently is the question of whether it’s a good thing to have a safe in the home. That’s a good question and one that might not have as obvious an answer as you might expect.

Here are a few thoughts on the subject.


  •  A safe will first and foremost give you peace of mind. Knowing that your valuable belongings and documents are locked away, particularly during parties or when service providers are roaming around your home, is enough to ease the mind.
  • Some people opt to use a safety deposit box at their local bank or store important documents with their lawyer. The problem with both of these is that it makes getting a hold of these items problematic, at the very least requiring a journey to the appropriate storage location. A home safe means these items are at your fingertips.
  • Some people opt for a home safe as it represents a cheaper alternative to hiring a safety deposit box. The financial outlay comes at the beginning when you purchase a safe, but after this there are no monthly fees to consider. This can quickly turn into a disadvantage though (see below).
  • If you’re unlucky enough to experience a house fire, a good fireproof safe should protect those valuable items even if the interior of your house is badly damaged. This can be a lifesaver in the case of important papers such as hose deeds, wills, and insurance policy.


  • We’ve seen above how home safes can be a cheaper alternative to safety deposit boxes, but cheaper doesn’t necessarily translate to better. If you purchase an inexpensive safe you may find that it is no better than keeping your belongings in a shoebox. Cheap safes can be easier to break into as well as unreliable when it comes to opening. That being said, just because a safe is expensive doesn’t mean it will deliver. Your best bet is to carry out thorough research into which models are worth forking out your cash for. You can always ask us for advice as well.
  • Many people consider a safe to be the safe place to keep belongings at home, but few recognize that it can also be a target. If a burglar does make their way into your home – especially when you’re away – you can bet a safe will be on the top of their list to grab. Imagine a burglar making off with all of your prized belongings and important paperwork. The best thing to do to counter this is to purchase a safe that can be securely fitted to the floor, ideally a concrete floor, making it immobile.
  • Finally, be sure to consider what happens if you lose the key to the safe, or if you opt for a combination lock, what happens if you forget the code. If you’re the forgetful type, maybe a safety deposit box is the best idea.
  • Verdict: There’s no reason a home safe, particularly a fireproof home safe, cannot be advantageous in your home. Be sure to choose a reputable model and try to fit it to the ground so it can’t be moved. Also, take great care in what goes inside it. Remember, there’s no reason that you can’t use a safe and a safety deposit box stored offsite in conjunction with each other.
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