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The ‘Bear’ Cheek of It

Remember the bear that broke into the Colorado candy store looking for a sugary treat?

Well, it seems this particular grizzly wasn’t the only one making the most of some poor-quality locks.

A recent news article told the story of a group of bears – a mother and her three cubs – that broke into a cabin in Norway. Unlike the well-mannered bear in Colorado, these bears trashed the cabin, which was most likely a result of them guzzling 100 cans of beer!

Yes. 100 cans of beer!

Thankfully, the cabin was unoccupied at the time. Well, you wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with a bunch of drunken bears now, would you?

We’re guessing that the cabin owners are looking at securing the cabin a little better. May we suggest a good, solid deadbolt and mortise lock for starters?? And maybe build a candy store next door.

Read a Yahoo News report of the incident.

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