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Privacy Policy

This initial notice covers the content of the privacy policies for FC Locksmith Ottawa. It applies only to the information and data that is collected from this website.

What does this policy cover?

  • It offers an outline of what data that is personally identifiable that may be collected from our website
  • If tells you how this data may be used and which parties your data may be shared with
  • It gives you a high level overview of the security practices that protect your data
  • It gives you a process by which you can correct or amend any information that we hold on your behalf

How is information collected, used and shared?

We are the exclusive owners of all of the data that is collected from this website. The information that we collect is only data that you choose to share with us on a voluntary basis. This may include data from online forms, e-mail, written and/or telephone correspondence. We do not sell your personal data to other parties. We also do not rent your data to other parties.

The primary purpose of any data collection activity is to enable us to provide the right information to you regarding any enquiry you may have. In some instances it may be necessary to share your information with a third party in order to deliver the appropriate level of service. In these instances we will only share the data necessary for the third party to do their job, so for example; we might share your address with a courier so they can deliver equipment to you.

We do send our customers occasional notices by e-mail regarding new product launches and offers. You are entitled to ask us to remove your details from this list at any time and we will comply with that request.

Accessing and altering information we have collected

You are entitled to opt out of our marketing communication at any time. All you have to do is call us or mail us and let us know that you wish to opt out.

You may also ask to see the data that our company has on its databases regarding you. You may request that we change or amend or update any information that we hold that you feel is inaccurate. You may ask that we remove all data pertaining to you. Finally we’re here if you want to talk through any questions you might have about your data or our use of that data.

How is your data secured?

Your data’s security is important to us. Whenever information is submitted to us through our website we take precautions to keep it secure both online and also offline.

In the case of highly sensitive data, which might include credit card details, we use a security system that involves encrypting that data in your browser and then transmitting it over the Internet to us. If you would like to ensure that your data is being handled in such a way there are two ways to check. Firstly, you can find a lock icon found on browser pages that shows your personal data is secure. Secondly, you can also evaluate the web page address which should start https: and not with the standard http:

Access to this type of data is limited only to employees that have a need to access it in order to do specific work on your or our behalf. For instance, an employee that works in the billing department may access details of your recent purchasing activity in order to process an invoice.

All our computer equipment including servers, PCs, laptops, etc. on which personal data is held is kept within a secure environment to ensure that your data is safe.

How do we collect your data?

On our contact page there is a form that solicits necessary data for us to reply to your enquiries. This includes address and other contact data.

Other Important Information

We may sometimes offer links to various other websites for your information. We don’t have control over the data collection policies or content of such sites. We would strongly encourage you to review these sites data policies before providing any personally identifiable data.

Concerns about the Privacy Policy

If you are at all concerned that this policy is not being followed or have any enquiries about your personal data then please send us an e-mail or contact us via telephone.

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