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Panic/Push Bar Services

Push bars are excellent for building safety since they can be handled easily and have effective results in case people would have to rush out of the building in an emergency. Stampede would kill people if they have no easy way out and there are plenty of tragic incidents in the human history to remind us the importance of these panic devices.

The importance of door push bars

Deadlock installation is excellent when you want to lock problems out and protect your property but they are not appropriate for all doors. All public and apartment buildings are required by law to have emergency exits with push bars because in case of emergencies, people would have the chance to get out without being harmed. Locked doors at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago blocked the exit of people during a fire in 1903 and 605 people lost their lives. In 1883 England 183 were trapped and died to what came to be known as the Victoria Hall disaster and since that date push bar emergency exits are obligatory.

These devices are not called panic bars without a reason. They will allow quick exit of people in order to avoid being trapped inside a building, which is on fire or in an earthquake and similar situations. FC Locksmith can install such devices to all office or apartment and government buildings. They can be installed in any door regardless of the material and the mechanism is rather simple. It is actually a variation of a lever tumbler lock, which wouldn’t lock the bolt. One push and it would release it giving easy access out. The spring loaded bar is placed horizontally on a door with outward opening.

The value of services

Our FC Locksmith Ottawa is experienced with these specific exit devices and can provide customers with information. We can actually provide excellent push bars and we can, certainly, have the means and capacity to maintain and repair them. Servicing push bars is important since we need to check whether the spring metal mechanism has become loose or has any difficulty to open properly. The bolt must be released immediately when the push bar is pressed; otherwise, it is useless and definitely dangerous. Call FC Locksmith Ottawa for immediate repairs.


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