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Lock Rekey Services

Master key systems are very popular and the most practical way to keep large buildings – whether office or apartment buildings – secure. They basically include one main master key, which opens all doors, and change keys that open specific doors. The good news is that FC Locksmith Ottawa has great experience with these systems and its technicians will not only tell you which system is the most appropriate for your own building and install it properly but they will also rekey it in case of an emergency.

When rekeying master systems is necessary

The actual meaning of rekeying locks is to change its configuration system in order to work with a new key. This can happen with every lock when you need key change for your new apartment. We have the expertise to rekey the master system as well. In case, the manager of the building has been replaced or the security manager of your company is dismissed, you will want a new master key. You will actually need master re key. This way, you will avoid problems with the security of the building since the master key unlocks every door.

Trust our experienced master rekeying specialists

There are actually different master key systems since some will have change keys that open more than simply one door. Things get complicated here but the master technicians of our FC Locksmith in Ottawa have great knowledge of these systems and can re key any master key of your system. We have the right training to engage in master re key and the pleasure of working with state of the art machinery, which can facilitate our work when dealing with super modern master key systems. Our skills are unparalleled and we definitely promise precise work and 24 hour emergency master rekeying services.

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