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Lock Repair

Anything could go wrong with your bolts. After all, they consist of several component parts and the slightest problem could jeopardize your own security. For this reason, lock repair is important, one of the best preventive security measures and highly recommended by FC Locksmith Ottawa. Repairing the lock in time it’s the best method to avoid problems with your security and costly replacements in the near future. Our special teams in Ottawa are knowledgeable of all locks, equipped properly and have the expertise to fix any damage efficiently and 24/7. Besides, our goal is to protect you from thieves and serious problems.

What the usual lock problems are

The external knob may get loose and the cylinder may get damaged. If the latch is not aligned properly, you won’t be able to lock the door properly. We can fix these problems efficiently. Our technicians are trained to repair the latch bolt so that it will align properly with the strike plate of the door’s frame. The strike plate might be slightly bent and any part of the lock assembly might be ruined either by the use of force or over time. In any case, you can trust that our professionals are experts in all these lock repairs in Ontario and equipped with the right tools in order to do the job right.

Top lock repair service by 24/7 experts

Investing in our knowledge and quality of tools is one of the first priorities of FC Locksmith in Ottawa. Some lockset problems are very serious and must be handled right away and 24/7. We actually consider all issues related to locks extremely significant for our clients’ security and that’s why we have support emergency teams for your lock repair services. The lock mechanism ought to work perfectly, the bolt must be in perfect alignment with the strike plate and the key must fit perfectly in the lock. That’s how you ensure security and we’ll make sure of it with our excellent 24 hour services!

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