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Lock Installation Services

Lock installation is a rather difficult job since it requires the appropriate tools and great knowledge. The tiniest mistake could compromise security and that’s why investing in the experience of FC Locksmith Ottawa is your best choice to ensure exceptional services. The technical crews of our company are competent and experienced with all kinds of locks and have the skills to install vehicle, cabinet, window or door locks.

Experienced specialists for lock replacement

Lock change involves finding the right bolts and installing them properly. This is not a simple procedure since each entry point and every property in Ottawa would require specific types of locks and the expertise of our professionals for their installation. We can suggest the right strike plates, ensure the cylinder and entire lock mechanism are installed properly and the latch bolt is perfectly aligned so that the door will lock efficiently. We have excellent training and follow the developments of the lock industry familiarizing ourselves with new products, their characteristics and requirements.

Lock installation with the best equipment

FC Locksmith in Ottawa gets its supplies from the greatest lock manufacturers in Ontario and the technicians have the knowledge to install all types of bolts with equal precision. We install locks at all doors and windows, cars, cabinets, trunks and drawers. We are aware of the complexities of modern security systems and can install high security locks at your convenience. Our teams can recommend locks if you are looking for solutions to reinforce the security of your property and are dedicated to lock installation ensuring that the job is done properly. We certainly invest in the best machinery and tools on the market knowing that the joined force of being well-equipped, trained and knowledgeable will guarantee your security.

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