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How a Locksmith Can Help You in Your Workplace

Most people think of a locksmith as someone that they call when they’re locked out of their house, or they need a new lock put on their front/back door.

It’s true, we locksmiths do primarily offer these services – alongside a number of other residential-based jobs – but we also help out businesses. From warehouses to showrooms, from truckers on the road to office blocks, we’ve helped them all.

If you work out of or oversee an office – or a showroom, store or warehouse, for that matter – these are some of the services you can get from your friendly local neighborhood locksmith.

General Locksmith Duties

Lost or broken your key? Need a repair or replacement? A locksmith can cut you a new key, even if the original is broken. Likewise, he can repair or replace (only when necessary) any broken locks you may have, whatever the cause of damage. That means if you’re office has been burgled or your locks simply aren’t standing the test of time, a locksmith will sort you out in no time.

Locked out of the office/shop/warehouse? Locksmiths will soon gain entry for you. In many cases all that’s necessary is a quick shimming and ‘Hey Presto’, you’re in. In other cases it means removing the entire lock. This can be done quickly and without mess though.

To put it simply, anything you’d expect a locksmith to do within your own home, he can do at your place of work also.

Cabinet and Safe Opening

Many companies use cabinets or special storage spaces to securely place important and private documents or items of value. In offices this tends to be in the form of filing cabinets or a safe.

It’s not unusual for these ‘safe’ storage spaces to be a little too safe. Many people have misplaced the only key to such devices, thus rendering them pretty useless.

Whatever type of storage you utilize, a locksmith can get you back in if you lose the key, or if the lock breaks for that matter. In some instances, a safe can be a tough one to get back into. Most locksmiths know at least one decent safe-cracker though. Even the oldest model with the trickiest of locking mechanisms can be opened.

Safety Checks

Most people think to call a locksmith after the event. This might be a break-in or a lock wearing out after time. Those that are smart though make sure that they call a locksmith ahead of time.

Most locksmiths will happily carry out an assessment of the locks on your business property (or your residential property for that matter). They can look at each individual door and window as well as every lock and key and establish whether everything is in working order.

If anything needs replacing or repairing, you’re sure to get a good deal. Most will even sell you parts at cost price.

Having a regular locksmith check-up is a great idea, and chances are that it will save you money in the long-term. Locksmiths are also great people to ask about the latest safety tips and security products.

Security Installation

If you’re looking to sure-up your commercial property, many locksmiths can help you out here too. If you’re looking to have a brand new set of locks fitted or a security alarm system, a locksmith is the man for you.

Many specialize in fitting alarm systems, ranging from simple designs to complex electronic models. Whatever your need, just ask a locksmith.

If you’re thinking of installing a master-key system – a series of locks with individual keys that can also be opened by one special key – a locksmith will soon help you out.

And if you’re looking for extra security, some locksmiths also provide and install push bars – also known as panic bars – to the inside of exterior doors. When pushed, these bars are designed to open the door’s locking mechanism, allowing you and your work colleagues to exit promptly, and without having to worry about finding the correct door key.

A quick exit can prove vital in the case of a fire or, if you work in an industrial setting, explosion or dangerous spillage. These bars then are a very good idea. What’s more, these bars provide security against those trying to gain entry from outside the building. Yes, they open when pushed from inside, but they cannot be accessed from outside, meaning that an authorized key is still required.

So, next time you’re considering the security of your workspace, take a few moments to consider whether you, your colleagues, and your workspace in general might not benefit from a locksmith’ visit!

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