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French/Patio Door Security Tips

There’s no denying that sliding glass doors – sometimes referred to as French or Patio doors – add an attractive quality to your property. Sadly, they also offer an opportunity for thieves on the prowl.

Many people fail to realize that sliding doors can be unsecure. In some cases, they can be lifted off with little effort or noise. Here then are some quick tips to help you make your picturesque doors safer.

Replace the Lock

Take a look at the lock that is fitted. Is it secure? Does it do its job? Do you feel as comfortable with this lock as you do your front door?

If the answer to any of these is no, you need to change the lock. Call a locksmith and ask for him to install a brand new, top-end lock. And make sure it has a multi-point locking system.

Add Additional Locks

No one ever said you were only allowed one lock on a door. Add one or two more to your patio door: one near the top, one near the bottom. Deadbolts can be utilized in the same manner as a front door, as can bar locks.

Reinforce the Door

A patio door will only be as strong as the glass inside it. If you feel that the manufacturer’s glass isn’t doing the job, have a new pane installed. Glass continues to get stronger and stronger, and with additional extras like non-sheen and non-scratch finishes, you’ll have an ideal and secure door.

If for any reason the glass cracks, be sure to replace it as soon as possible. A broken window pane may look like it’ll last, but before long it will either fall or be pushed.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to install some kind of ‘barred’ frame for additional security. While nobody wants to feel like they’re in prison, some modern designs are extremely stylish and add an additional charm. Plus, at the end of the day, security is security.

Internal Door Security

Finally, if your patio door leads into a season room, such as a conservatory, it may be worth checking the security of the door between that room and the rest of your property. Think of that room in the same way as your garage. Install secure locks between the two to ensure that even if the patio door is breached, the rest of your property isn’t.

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