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After returning from a family vacation, we discovered our back door wide open, broken lock, shattered glass everywhere and many of our belongings missing. We received an excellent recommendation about FC Locksmith, gave them a call, and their quick response was truly incredible. They were here within the hour, took care of the mess and replaced our locks. Needless to say we got our peace mind back!

Shelly Simmons, Kanata

For quite a while, we’ve been meaning to install safes in a number of our office branches. I couldn’t be happier with the professional service I received from FC Locksmith – they took the time to fully understand our needs and space limitations, and offered us some great solutions. Highly recommended!

Frank Lee, Gatineau

We’ve been shopping around for a while for a locksmith service that would be able to handle the installation of security bars around the house. We have quite a big property and price was a critical matter. FC Locksmith proved to have what it takes as far as budget and expertise, and did a fantastic job.

Simon White, Chelsea

My wife and I live on our own in an area that has its share of burglary, and for some time now we’ve been interested in upgrading our security. We called FC Locksmith, and unlike other companies, they made a point of listening to what I needed and made sure I understood my options. It didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to make the most important changes to my security, and we sleep so much better at night…

Aaron Snow, Orleans

Simply put, I’m so glad I went with FC Locksmith in the end. Somehow I managed to break my car key while in the ignition, and since it was the middle of the night, I was sure I’d spend a few hours stuck in the car. After a few phone calls, a technician from FC Locksmith came to my rescue and in minutes the problem was solved. Thanks again.

Lisa Fischer, Hull

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