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Broken Key Extraction

We are specialists when it comes to broken-car-key extraction because we are meticulous and work carefully trying to complete our job efficiently and properly without damaging the locks of your vehicle. You can expect excellent services from our company because we are trained automotive locksmith specialists with years of experience in the field and can serve the people of Ottawa with speed 24/7.

Fast retrieval of the ignition car key

Although ignition car keys do not break easily, you must not overestimate their power. They are definitely durable but they are still plain metallic objects, which can be broken either due to their old age or due to distortions. If you put force, you may also break the key in the lock and you will need our immediate help for broken-car-key extraction. This task requires special equipment and gentle handling, experience and knowhow. The secret is to retrieve the key without damaging the lock and you can rest assured about our competence and speed.

Promise 24 hour car locksmith assistance

Having excellent knowledge of the ways modern car lock systems work and being equipped with the proper equipment the technicians of FC Locksmith Ottawa can ensure immediate extraction of your broken transponder key. We are meticulous and promise to extract the key carefully but we also promise that these problems will be solved fast 24/7. Broken keys will not allow you to have access to your car or turn on the engine and there’s nothing you can really do other than calling our thorough technicians for immediate locksmith support. We promise broken car key extraction with the best means in Ontario 24/7.



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